Shields™ was founded in 1935 in Yakima, WA. Today, Shields™ ranks among the leading North American producers of flexible packaging with substantial capabilities in the areas of blown film extrusion, printing, bag making and other converting processes. Novolex™ Custom Film and Bag (CF&B) is merging to enhance and expand Shields™ capabilities. Now with six locations, Shields™ produces custom flexible packaging for industrial, food, beverage, agricultural, building and construction, banking and security, chemicals and energy, and consumer markets. Expanded capabilities include: multilayer extrusion, high definition flexographic print, lamination, high barrier bags for meat, cheese and sauces, mail and courier bags, reclosable zipper, hot fill and chill packaging, bakery and tortilla packaging, Ice bags, roll stock, and stretch hooder products.

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ECO Blend® products “Put Plastic to Work Again.”
These products are made from carefully selected
recycled plastics that provide strength, durability
and sustainability. ECO Blend® helps protect
the environment, reduce landfill waste and
lower energy costs.

ECO Blend® can be used in box liners, gaylord liners,
pallet covers, sheeting, barrel liners, tubing and
many other industrial type applications.

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