Sustainability Reporting

The Novolex sustainability vision relies on three pillars: Our Products, Operations and People. Each pillar has played a critical role in our operating and acquisition strategy for several years and continues to influence our sustainability efforts across the company.

In the second annual Novolex Sustainability Report, we continue to be guided by our vision as well as widely accepted sustainability reporting standards. These include the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) disclosure framework and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework. A selection of recommended disclosure topics and accounting metrics are present in this report, including an index of GRI criteria met by Novolex. In future reports, we anticipate further prioritizing our reporting disclosures based on GRI and SASB reporting standards, as well as what is most meaningful in the current environment. For feedback on the report or any questions, please contact

Partnerships and Collaboration

Sustainability is a shared responsibility. We work with our customers on product design and leading industry organizations to develop and communicate programs that support sustainable sourcing, consumer recycling and composting.

We participate in industry associations that not only educate consumers about packaging reduction, recycling and composting, but also the importance of using recycled content. In addition, we rely on recognized third party certifying bodies who review our products against compostability standards and validate our recycled content claims.

These organizations, along with research partnerships and other relationships, involve stakeholders who share common goals related to our diverse product base and whose individual voices are amplified through collaboration.

Some of our industry partnerships and certifying bodies include:

  • American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN)
  • Alliance to End Plastic Waste
  • Biodegradable Products Institute
  • The Paper Recovery Alliance and Plastics Recovery Group
  • Iowa State University Polymer and Food Protection Consortium
  • Sustainable Packaging Coalition and the How2Recycle® program
  • Flexible Packaging Association
  • American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance
  • Californians for Recycling and the Environment
  • Forest Stewardship Council®
  • Plastics Industry Association
  • American Forest and Paper Association
  • Pack2Go Europe
  • U.S. Composting Council
  • Compost Manufacturing Alliance


Novolex is proud to be featured in the Alliance to End Plastic Waste 2020 Progress Report, “It all Starts with Collaboration.” Click on the Report to learn more about the Alliance and projects that are preventing plastic waste from leaking into the environment.

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